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Our Project TERRA VIVA


An authors' workshop was dedicated to the of "TERRA VIVA" a new work that will be presented on November 19, 2022 at the "Maison des Congrès et de la
Culture " in CLERMONT-FERRAND and on arch 13, 2023 in BAUGE (Maine et Loir)

The purpose of this creation is to raise awareness of the growing difficulties that the world is experiencing in protecting its environment, the enormous damage that progress causes to nature and the profound inequalities that climate problems cause from one continent to another… 

This work is intended to raise awareness of the scourges that disturb our current affairs in terms of respect for the environment and the resulting migrations . 

The work "TERRA VIVA" is imagined in the form of a dreamlike journey that evokes the history of the world since the creation of the universe. The earth is personified as an oasis in hostile and uninhabitable space according to our current knowledge. The human beings who inhabit the globe are perpetual migrants who have sometimes driven and forced themselves to dominate and invade In the course of their wanderings their different cultures have been enriched or impoverished, progress in science has often improved their living conditions but has also caused damage that will become irreversible if individual and collective behaviour does not change radically today. TERRA VIVA" will therefore evoke the creation of the universe, the era of hunter-gatherers and then the evolution of our societies bounded by constantly renewed borders until today. The theme of the migratory bird will be represented at the culmination of this show. Harmoniously staged with giant screen visual effects and a modern choreography, this bird will fly over land and sea with a child, discovering the panicked crowds looking for an anchor to take refuge. In the end all humanity will be sublimated to encourage exchanges, get rid of the reflexes of identity and become aware that respect for its environment is likely to reduce inequalities.

Evocative and poetic texts, contemporary or symphony-inspired music, will leave a lasting impressionof a joyful and promising fresco for the future of the planet and its tenants.

Discover the synopsis of the work.

The production will be performed by a hundred volunteer choristers, 3 soloists, 25 musicians, a troupe of dancers and image professionals.

Astrophysicist Hubert REEVES, who now dedicates his interventions to the defense of the planet, has agreed to sponsor the project. He has recorded a video in which he reads his text "Letter to the Child Who Will Be Born". This video will be shown during the performance

You can help us finance the production of "TERRA VIVA" by visiting the HELLOASSO associative platform.


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